PIY PRO leads the way with a five party collaboration arranged by TES ( www.tes.today)

THE PRODUCER IN YOU (PIY PRO PLC) is a five party collaboration arranged by The Eco System (TES) focused on a building the next sector in crowd social networking. The Producer in You does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows the movie producer in you to emerge onto the silver screen, literally. PIY PRO adds a new dimension to funding film as it also distributes film using the same crowd sourcing methods for funding a film. PIY PRO does a lot more and is worth a dig on their website at www.PIYPRO.COM . Bringing all elements into one place and set for exit and an acquisition trail PIY PRO is off to a flying start. PIY PRO has launched it BETA site and is expected to be fully tested within 4 months giving it just enough time to fund the last piece of 1000s of film projects currently on crowd funding sites globally. PIY estimates some 45,000 campaigns exist online right now seeking funding into film, not all are successful but come close and the successful ones need distribution. PIY offers P&A funding for all fully funded films and last piece funding for those coming close to the finish. For more information go to www.piypro.com/fund

In its corporate strategy PIY PRO has acquired option agreements from ‘See It Buy It’ SIBI.ME, T4Film, That’s so Jake and PreIMDb in order to circle the sector and provide an easy solution for all the needs you have as a budding film maker, producer and entrepreneur.

See It Buy It www.sibi.me A simple concept in all ecommerce is the premise that when you see it you may well want to buy it. SIBI have developed a SIBI shopping cart that allows you, if logged into SIBI, to click on any item in the film and buy it in one click. Register with SIBI, enter in all the relevant details, get a fraud free guarantee, get flexibility, buy whatever is for sale on the SIBI network and a confirmation of shipping in one click. A totally new revenue model for filmmakers, which is why PIY PRO have agreed to buy them.

T4 FILM is a simple site linked to PIY that automatically creates multiple t shirt designs for film makers seeking funding and those ‘IN THE CAN’ as you say in the business. This unique and socially explosive model allows films to sell T Shirts to help make the film and sell T Shirts to exploit the film after its finished, sharing revenue and advertising as well as allowing members of PIY to make money along the way seems on point and a brilliant addition to the PIY offering.

That’s so Jake is a saying from the swinging 60’s when clothes were entering the market as fashion for the masses for the first time. Now That’s so Jake is a social collaboration website for designer clothing, fashion and trends that are featured in the films. Linking with SIBI you can now buy any of the clothing used in the films made through PIY to add another revenue feature to your budget. Fashion designers join That’s so Jake and post their skills, ideas and designs to sell into movie projects as part producer or as a fully paid costume designer. Sales of subsequent items following the films release and distribution are then shared between the producer of the movie and the fashion designer making both of them very happy. Again adding another revenue stream to your budget as a moviemaker.

PreIMDb is one of those domains that can accurately get across what they do in-between the www and the .com. In case you don’t follow me, they allow you membership in PreIMDB for free and once you have received your credit and become a movie producer in your own right ‘via PIYPRO of course’ then you can successfully apply to IMDb and become a fully fledged member of the more established movie world.

PIY PRO now seeks budding filmmakers, T Shirt makers, musicians, fashion designers, writers, actors, and every version of Producer to join. Its free www.PIYPRO.COM


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