Ramble Mobile Set To Launch

Ramble Mobile will Launch Funding Campaign To Change Mobile

London, England, Ramble Mobile is about to launch its funding round to bring together a collaboration of multiple elements to make the world's first self powering mobile devices that is also your wallet, your keys, your ID and Mobile Device all in one.

A world full of Internet-connected devices is a giant step closer to mobility thanks to a new communications system called Ramble that works without batteries or wires and powers itself.

Just as we use mirrors to reflect light, or turbines to catch the wind, this technique co-opts transmissions from TV and cellular towers and other airborne frequencies and reflects them to exchange information between wireless devices. These waves serve as both a source of power and carriers of information.

It uses existing signals all around us. A proof-of-concept system consisting of credit-card-size electronic devices that use antennas to detect, harness and reflect a TV signal exists, these signals are then picked up by similar devices.

Since TV signals are reflected off buildings, cars, trees and everything else in a city as it travels from a transmission tower to a TV set, the extra reflection doesn't degrade the signal. This reflection is yet just another reflection.

The prototype devices communicate with each other over a distance of several feet. They flash little LED lights when they receive a signal from another device, we then will use this to power the device and to create the circuit breaker for additional security and comfort.

The applications of the technology are limitless: a car that sends out a text message to its owner's mobile phone when it rains, or has an attempted break in, is running low on battery etc etc.

Traditional communications generate signals and consume power. Ramble uses the signals that are in the air and converts them to power and connects them to you.


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