European Stock Exchange Launches a Community for Change in Private Equity.

LONDON, ENGLAND August 29th 2014. The Soft launch of The European Stock Exchange marks a big day in the future of the Private and Public Equity Markets.

ESE starts its life very differently to every other stock exchange before it, as it doesn’t trade any shares.

Edward Fitzpatrick, a 25-year figure in the private equity sector, has created ESE. He is not new to change. He created and started many elements in the sector and has now taken the Quoted Private Equity space to a new level.

A believer in Innovative Structures and No Barrier Finance. Edward Fitzpatrick funded the first oil and gas exploration in The Sudan when he was 26 years old.

Fitzpatrick now launches ESE as a home for explosive young companies seeking funding, assistance, guidance and tools allowing them to focus on what they are good at and further allowing specialists to help these companies through complicated structures to gain access to sustainable growth and international markets.

A strict charter, a new standard in business, runs ESE. It demands common sense and fairness, honesty and integrity. The Charter ensures that all business conducted with all companies ‘Listed’ on ESE commences with a Full Disclosure Agreement (FDA), which includes a traditional NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement. The FDA lays out the intentions of each party and leaves nothing to chance. Should one party breach the FDA the follow on action is simplified, however, the charter also stipulates no lawsuits without an ESE arbitration, which comes free as part of your membership. “Today’s business is conducted differently, I have seen so many changes in my life at the forefront of the sector over the past 25 years, I get a small glimpse into the future and soon these old fashioned ways will become dinosaurs to the young business men that will soon run this planet” said Edward Fitzpatrick.

Tools such as and aid the companies to find mentors and NED’s as well as funding and collaborators via Again setting the pace in the PE sector by creating innovations like the One Page Business Plan and remote NDA’s with electronic signatures and email document tracking.

“Stock exchanges in the future need to provide more than just a platform for trading, so I started mine leaving that to last”

Edward Fitzpatrick +44 7773 727272


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