Aspen Agency Joins ESE in Joint Venture

Aspen ESE JV

Aspen Agency Join ESE as Founder Member

London England, March 3rd 2015


Aspen Agency is a long-standing professional advisory firm helping mid to late stage companies list on various stock exchanges around the world. Aspen has helped thousands of companies dual list and hundreds to close primary listings over a 30-year tenure in the sector.

ESE is the bridge between crowd funding and a regulated exchange allowing companies to get used to presenting their story, raising funding and dealing with shareholders, rules and reporting before they take the plunge into a fully regulated environment. Presented like a stock exchange, the ESE platform allows sophisticated investors to buy into private equity by dealing direct with the company under private placement regulations.

ESE provides a platform for an exchange of ideas, collaboration, people and services to support developing companies as they move towards listing or larger capital increases.

ESE answers the problems facing young companies seeking development help from willing sophisticated investors by linking the best of today’s networking platforms with the tradition of long established stock exchanges.

ESE has already raised over one hundred million GBP in private equity and aim to have every company listed with CREST as a member.

Aspen joins a host of private equity firms who have already listed companies with ESE and the platform is ready to take the market by storm. As regulation the world over gets stiffer and platforms for crowd funding gets more popular, ESE has spotted and is filling the gap.

“Think Kickstarter for equity if you want to understand what ESE does for both Investor and the Companies. ” said Edward Fitzpatrick, founder of ESE. With respect to Aspen he added “We are very pleased to have Aspen on board. Led by our long time friend and colleague Charles Van Musscher, Aspen bring a wealth of experience and knowledge as well as a large client base.”

Aspen is located in Hong Kong and Amsterdam servicing two continents with expert and traditional advice based services.

Charles Van Musscher said “We have not found anything like ESE. The market is primed for a solution like this and as we have been instrumental in assisting ESE with regulation, clients and advice, our Joint Venture was a natural next step.”

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