Agent NED Approved for Listing

London, England September 28th 2015, The European Stock Exchange is pleased to announce the approval of Agent Ned to the Exchange under the ticker symbol NED-ESE.

The listing team has today approved the entry for Agent NED with the final listing profile to be hosted within the next 7 days.

Agent NED is an online database for Non Executive Directors (NEDs) who get paid to help and assist young and dynamic companies in various sectors on a part time basis. Often NED’s are experienced directors in chosen sectors that may work for one or more companies. They attend board meetings, sometimes by phone, and introduce the company to worthy partners, check and verify company regulations and occasionally sit on compensation committees or help with audits. NED’s play a pivotal role in global business and finding the right match can be difficult. Agent NED is a niche match-making service where NEDs can meet companies and visa versa.

Agent NED plans to launch training programs, insurance products, ratings and an inter-NED database whereby NEDs can chat, interact and share ideas and contacts to further themselves as well as their individual and group status. No one has treated NON EXEC DIRECTORS as a sector in its own right before. Agent NED is the first in its field to focus services to this niche sector.

The European Stock Exchange is a new style exchange, a bridge between crowdfunding and a regulated exchange. In many cases companies go public too soon and so ESE is a training ground for companies to act like public companies before becoming a public company. This allows companies and executives to fully understand the regulatory burden before being governed by it. The European Stock Exchange is unregulated and only allows sophisticated or accredited investors to participate under private placement rules direct with the company. The exchange charges no fees or offers any advice with respect to fund raising it merely provides a platform for the facility. The exchange does not permit the trading of shares only a direct purchase where a company has a qualified registrar.

Agent NED is launching the website on 2nd of October 2015 and for more information please write to

PR Contact is AKA Buzz +44 20 8144 1220

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