HelpTheCrowd Equity Crowdfunding Analytics Tool Press Release

AMSTERDAM, April 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

HelpTheCrowd offers invaluable insights into European crowdfunding opportunities with new Equity Crowdfunding Analytics tool

HelpTheCrowd, the Amsterdam-based Crowdfunding comparison platform, today brings professional-level transparency to the European equity crowdfunding market with the launch of its new Equity Crowdfunding Analytics tool. Subscribers can use the tool to analyse and compare investment opportunities in the previously fragmented and confusing European equity crowdfunding market.

Jaap Dekter, HelpTheCrowd Founder & CEO and former investment banker explains: "We want to take the best traditional investor services and make them available for the crowdfunding universe. Our Equity Crowdfunding Analytics tool is the first step. This tool helps investors by clearly showing what kinds of companies are raising money through equity crowdfunding, and at what valuation. It also includes past deals, so investors can see how much money similar companies have raised, or tried to raise."

The website already gives potential investors free-to-access information about how much money a business is trying to raise through crowdfunding. The Equity Crowdfunding Analytics tool takes things one step further, giving subscribers a statistical overview of currently live deals and completed deals, as well as access to the full database of completed deals.

This allows investors to directly compare an investment opportunity with similar deals from different European countries, platforms and sectors. They can see how its valuation measures up against its peers, and also easily identify broader trends in crowdfunding and early stage investing.

Dekter continues: "Now investors can tell at a glance whether an investment opportunity is relatively cheap or expensive. This kind of information is widely available in the world of traditional investments - HelpTheCrowd's new tool brings the same service to the crowdfunding market, which is an important next step for the industry."

HelpTheCrowd has built a comprehensive database that demystifies early stage crowdfunding investment in Europe. HelpTheCrowd staff gathers and reads every pitch from the leading crowdfunding platforms, then categorises and labels each pitch with the appropriate sector and tag, before adding the required minimum funding amount and valuation.

Dekter again: "Giving investors a benchmark of average funding needs, and valuations for different kinds of companies, helps them to ask better questions. If a particular investment opportunity has a very different valuation from its peers, investors will know what kind of extra information they should request from the entrepreneur, or what they should do more research on."

HelpTheCrowd was founded in 2015 and began gathering data in August of that year. Investors can browse the free-to-use part of the HelpTheCrowd website and review leading crowdfunding platforms from all over Europe, as well as the individual investment opportunities on those platforms. The new subscription-based Equity Crowdfunding Analytics tool gives investors clear, transparent information about the exciting investment avenues that crowdfunding is opening up.

SOURCE HelpTheCrowd

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