Follow up on this year’s London FinTech

Why is FinTech one of the most promising industries in today's market?

FinTech is one of the fastest growing areas of today's markets, with some sources stating over a 200% growth year-on-year within Europe alone. Smartphones are one of the biggest platforms for the use of FinTech, so with more and more people using them every year it makes it one of the most promising and investable industries of 2016 and beyond.

What is London FinTech?

London FinTech Week was started in 2014 as a showcase for entrepreneurs, investors and businesses to network with one another and expand their ideas further. In 2015, London FinTech expanded even more, bringing together a global family with many guest speakers and experts within the field to give informative conferences and inspire others to innovate and develop their technology. With the addition of the Hackathon Weekend, 2016's FinTech week looks set to have been the biggest yet.

Support for Start Ups

With all the various different backgrounds of people attending and also exhibiting at London FinTech, new start ups should easily find the help and support they need from like minded individuals. The conferences held throughout the week feature many different areas of financial services, with guest speakers who specialise in specific areas - simply visit the conferences that are most suited to your startup to find out more.

Advice for Investors

For investors, London FinTech Week offers many opportunities to seek out the latest and most innovative ideas and businesses to invest in, with many new start ups seeking such investment to get their ideas off the ground. London FinTech is a great opportunity to network with others and form new partnerships in order to improve and adapt financial technology for the future ahead.

International Stock Exchange Group

ISEG believes in a new wave of stock exchanges that provide a better fit for today’s investor and company community. ESE and SSX are the first two platforms under ISEG:

ESE (European Stock Exchange) – ESE provides the bridge between crowdfunding and regulation. It is different to any crowdfunding site, and even different to a stock exchange. It is the start of a journey for companies that will bring new tools, investment, collaboration, markets and ideas. Investors are encouraged by the honest opportunities available through ESE.

SSX (Start Up Stock Exchange) – The clue is in the name here; Start Up Stock Exchange is an exchange for start ups. It is the ideal next step after you have concluded your first round of crowdfunding, but you can be pre-approved by SSX before this. SSX is a cut down version of the big board exchange, with relaxed rules and regulations; this is because you can only trade through SSX’s brokerage firm. SSX provides all the protective measures suitable to ensure that both the company and the investor know what the rules are, and understand the levels of risk and reward.

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